Tease ~ The Ultimate Foreplay
Do you like to be playful with your lover? Do you want a bit more information about the art of Tease? After you check out our free galleries, you have to check out this amazing For Women Ezine! They have a complete section on finding your inner Diva and teasing your lover. Sssh.com is more then porn dressed up for women! Articles and stories, advice, beauty secrets, ask a man, sexy humour, sexy movies and even sexy SHOPPING!

Sexy Erotica on Estrogen!

The art of tease is as unique as it is playful. You do not have to follow a book or a script or even study if you put your imagination to work! Imagine the times when you were driven crazy by your lover. It was when you really couldnt have them right? That time when they whispered how sexy you look when you were in a crowd of other women. That time when you were in different cities and you chatted late night on the phone. This site is dedicated to the strong erotic effect of Tease. It truly is the ultimate foreplay.

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